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  Mr. Eric S.S. Wong
Eric S.S. Wong

Eric S. S. Wong, CEO of Ericorps Group was born in Hong Kong. He has more than 40 years of business experience in Southeast Asia and European markets. Eric’s businesses started from garment manufacturing and gradually expanded and diversified into many others fields.

During the last thirty years of reform and open policy in China, economy has experienced great changes and China has become a powerful country and one of the most attractive markets in the world. Mr. Wong having lived through the amazing changes in Mainland China over the last several decades has gained invaluable experiences conducting businesses there. At this stage, he has established an extensive business network in China and the rest of the Asia region. His profound understanding of these markets enables him to lead the Ericorps Group to grow from its base in China to the global markets and has achieved remarkable results. Mr. Wong's business and cultural backgrounds, his global vision, social skills and organizational expertise make him successful in leading his group.

At present, his group is engaged in various fields including arts & culture, cosmetics, construction materials, eco-friendly foods, biotechnology, consulting, international trading, online marketing and sales, overseas product distribution and brand agency.

Former Social Services:

Ericorps Group Chairman
Guangdong Reyzar Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong office) Chief Executive
Redtech Holdings Ltd. Corporate Consultant
China Capital Network Investment Ltd. Partner
Shenzhen China Capital Network Roadshow
investment Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Junqu Investment & Management
Co., Ltd. (Yuhanglong)
Senior Corporate Consultant



Social Services:  
Global Religious Alliance Federation Ltd. Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board

Hong Kong Huaxia Business Associatioin Chairman

Hong Kong Jiangsu Exchange Promotion Chairman
Association Limited

Hong Kong Chinese Industry & Commerce Association Vice Chairman

China's Foreign Trade Council Deputy Director

International Justice of The Peace Club (Malaysia) Honorary Advisor

Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion United Association Counselor

Hong Kong GuangDong Youth Exchange
Promotion Association

Hong Kong-Jiangsu Youth Exchange Promotion Association Advisor

Hong Kong Association for the Development of
Western China
Honorary Advisor

Federation of Hong Kong Jiangsu Youth Ltd. Advisor

Youth Network Advisor

Hong Kong Taiwan Youth Exchange Promotion Association Executive Director

Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of
Peaceful Reunification of China
Council Member

One Belt One Road:

ASEAN 10 Countries Infrastructural Development - Consultant
Special Advisor to Prime Minister for Economic Development Affairs of  REPÚBLICA DEMOCRÁTICA DE TIMOR-LESTE - Senior Assistant

Investment Promotion Consultant for:

Baoying Economic Development areas in Jiangsu;  
Gaoyou City in Jiangsu  
LiuKou Demonstration Estate  
Nanling County in Anhui  
Nanling Gulou District in Jiangsu  
Jiangyin Economic Development area in Jiangsu  
Jiujiang District in Anhui  
Rugao City in Jiangsu  
Tang Qiao Town of Zhang Jia Gang City in Jiangsu  
Yunfu City in GuangDong
Yancheng City in Jiangsu  
Xiantao Industrial Garden in Hubei  

Former Social Services:

Jiangsu Youth Federation Councillor Member
GuangDong Youth Federation Executive Councillor
China Youth Entrepreneurs Association Executive Councillor

Language: English, Cantonese (native), Mandarin, Teochew Dialect.

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