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BTC Team
At BTC we believe the company culture is a paramount  ingredient  to achieve success. We have gathered  a selected arrays of professionals specializing in different areas. Our policy is, to recruit and train staff in  order to offer the best services to our customers, meanwhile retaining a harmonious work environment that enables further professional development. We  trust  that  the relationship with our  staff will  satisfy your  expectation  and  bring about a fruitful cooperation.
Eric S.S. Wong
Chairman / CEO
Ronald Hendriksen
Partner / Associate Director
Billy Tam
Partner / Director
Sam Wong
Associate Director
Darrell Wilk
Eline Salzmann
Director - Europe
Michael Wu
Tommy Tang
Igor Sizykh
Principle Consultant - Russia

Guy Leung
Principle consultant

Yuta Yamamoto
Senior consultant - Japan
Frank Yau
Senior Consultant
Rob Overgoor
Managing consultant
Rosana Ng
Principle consultant
Daniel H. Chacon Diaz
Senior consultant - South America
Amai Tran
Senior consultant - Spain
Daniel Weiser
Senior consultant - Israel