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  Mr. Ronald Hendriksen

After finishing his commercial education, Ronald started his career in the international textile trade in the mid eighties. He has worked for several multinationals in trade and industry such as Borsumij Wehry, Van Happen International, Huber Holding and Hanro of Switzerland in various positions at several locations since and developed to an absolute procurement professional. In the year 2002, Ronald decided to set up his own consultancy company-the East-West Trading and Consultancy in Netherlands. He is a "no nonsense" business consultant with international experience.

He has worked in Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia, France, Austria and Germany. He mediates in various business activities and he runs a packaging import and sales company. He worked as interim consultant for cases of change management in purchase related environments. As an apparel purchase officer he has been traveling through China many times and he knows the country, its challenges and its restrictions very well. He has lived in Hong Kong for several years and knows about the Chinese People, their customs and their values very well. With clever diplomacy and a never neglecting respect for his counterpart he creates a strong sense of success on either side of the table. Ronald Hendriksen is one of our founding members and he has contributed a lot to what BTC has become today. He is our European Connection; he is responsible for marketing, acquisition, follow-up projects and customer service in the BTC Consultant Co., Ltd.

Being a Dutchman he knows all about building bridges! The Bridge to China is definitely not a Bridge too far!

Language: Dutch (native), English, German, French