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  Mr.Sumed Wattanarungsun

Sumed Wong (Sumed Wattanarungsun), grew up in Thailand, surrounded by the Thai/Chinese culture. He moved to New York where he finished his high school studies in New York and then enrolled in Baruch College, which is part of the City University of New York. He majored in international marketing and earned his degree with a GPA of 3+.

Upon completing his college education, he was employed by a successful international trading company in Thailand, where he handled marketing, international trade and business development for a diversified group of industrial businesses. His experience included, but was not limited to, companies in textiles, jewelry, furniture, real estate development and investments. Mr. Wong also worked in areas including distribution of licensed brands for leading department stores in Thailand. He also helped customer to develop business with leading lingerie brands such as Victoria Secret in the United States and Chantelle in France .

As a business consultant, he finalized a joint venture project between a Thai investor and an inventor in the United States.He also worked as consultant for a team of top distributors representing global network marketing companies such as Nuskin in Thailand, whose products included Innovative Nutrition, Superfood , Food supplements and Beautycare Products.

In addition, his team also helped small and medium sized companies qualify for an IPO and were then listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange.He also served for one and a half years with one publicly listed company named ,Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited, as the chairman of the audit committee. This give him solid experienced in managing a transparent and growing company.

Since 2010, He joined BTC Consultant as an Associate Director, managing all operations dealing with foreign investments of the company in Thailand. Having traveled to more than 40 countries, he is experienced in working in many different cultures including: Chinese, Thai, American, Japanese, Indian and European. This enabled him to understand the challenges when working with people of different cultures.

Languages: Thai, English