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China welcomes foreign enterprises to invest in China       Updated: 2009-07-16 19:33

BEIJING, July 16(Xinhua)-- China welcomes foreign enterprises to invest in China, and adheres to its mutually beneficial opening up strategy, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a routine press conference Thursday.

Qin said the "Rio Tinto case" had drawn great attention, and he wanted to use the Chinese saying "Gong Xi Fa Cai" or "May you be prosperous" to tell foreign companies in China that "we wish all of you good fortune."

And the Chinese government was also willing to provide a better environment for them to make a good fortune, he said.

Meanwhile, he quoted another Chinese saying "A real gentleman only gains his wealth in the right ways. " to remind these companies to do business legally and honestly.

"The right way" has two meanings: one is legally and the other is honestly," he said.

Four staff of Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto Ltd have been detained on charges of stealing China's state secrets, according to the Shanghai state security authorities last Thursday.

The four detainees included Stern Hu, general manager of Rio Tinto's Shanghai office in charge of iron ore business in China.

Qin said the behavior of the employees of Rio Tinto had hurt China's interests. "In this regard, I think Stern Hu and his company are clear about it and it is legal for related Chinese organizations to take measures against them."

Qin reiterated that China would investigate the case according to law. During the investigation, the legitimate rights of those involved would be protected.

He said he had noticed that some people in Australia are making noise on this issue. "This is an interference in China's judicial sovereignty. It cannot change the facts and the investigation." 

He stressed that China and Australia were important trade partners and China attached great importance to healthy and stable economic and trade cooperation with Australia. 

Qin said he firmly opposed any person who wanted to use the issue to harm the sound relations between the two countries. "I think this also not conforms to the interest of Australia," he said. 


Editor:Anne Tang