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Jiangsu Topped the List in Foreign Investment in China       Updated:October 26 11:09

Jiangsu is the most concentrated area of foreign investment in Mainland China, about 400 among the world top 500 enterprises has invested in Jiangsu. The utilization of foreign capital in Jiangsu has topped the list in Mainland China for six consecutive years.

Jiangsu Province has economic and trade relations with 218 countries and regions in the world. In the situation of a significant weakening external demand last year, the total annual import and export volume of Jiangsu remained the second in China for five consecutive years. In the first three quarters this year, the declining rate of import and export gradually fell, with the proportion of export volume in Mainland China rising from 15.3% to 16.5%. Jiangsu’s foreign capital in actual use in the first three quarters was USD 19 billion, with the proportion in Mainland China rising from 27% to 30%.

Editor: Yan