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China to push forward urbanization: vice premier

Source:www.china  Updated: 2009-12-17 00:43

GUANGZHOU: Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang urged the nation to "actively" and "firmly" push forward urbanization as an important way to deal with the international financial crisis, boost domestic consumption, and restructure the economy.

He made the remarks during his inspection trip to the country's economically-developed southern Guangdong Province from Monday to Wednesday, in purpose of conducting researches on the promotion of urbanization.

He stressed urbanization would provide the country with new space for relatively fast and stable economic growth in the long-term.

Accompanied by local government officials, Li visited cities including Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan, as well as towns and companies.

He praised the Guangdong-based home appliances manufacturer Galanz for its employment of more than 10,000 people, about 90 percent of whom were workers from rural areas.

"By tapping into new markets and expanding the business, companies can absorb rural workforce substantially. This will help create conditions for deeper urbanization."

"Urbanization in return can boost consumption and drive up the economy." he said.

He was also concerned about employment and housing issues of people from rural areas in cities, saying the country's economic achievements should benefit both the urbanites and rural residents by improving their living, access to health care and children's education.

He said the country would increase supply of smaller houses at medium-and-low price levels and expand construction of housing projects for low-income families.

This was in line with a meeting by the State Council on Monday calling for the healthy development of the country's real estate sector as housing prices in some cities were rising too fast.

To further urbanization, pragmatism based on national conditions, scientific planning and efficient use of land were needed, he said.