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2009-04-27  Mainland companies can invest in Taiwan

2009-04-26  Chinese steel mills turn to more imported iron ore

2009-04-25  Foreign investment in China slows sharply in 2008

2009-04-23  China steel makers, iron ore suppliers in stand-off in price talks

2009-04-22  Latest signs on road to China's economic recovery

2009-04-21  Official:Chinese enterprises are 70% private

2009-04-20  Central bank governor : China still fighting financial crisis

2009-04-19  Official: China centrally administered enterprises saw recovery in March

2009-04-18  China says to improve economic statistics after foreign media comment

2009-04-17  Chinese Vice Premier looks to domestic standard for 3G development

2009-04-16  FM:China to continue reform of exchange rate process

2009-04-16  China fishing in pool of global talent

2009-04-15  China power use contraction slows in March on economic recovery signs

2009-04-13  China's urban home prices down 1.3% in March

2009-04-12  Chinese FM:China shows sincerity,responsibility,confidence in East Asian cooperation

2009-04-10  Recall rule to cover all producers in China

2009-04-10  Executives told to cut their pay

2009-04-09  China urban residents average gross salary rises 17% in 2008

2009-04-08  Shenhua to launch China's first carbon capture project

2009-04-07  China greatly enhances int'l trademark protection

2009-04-06  China's import and export of electronic products sharply down

2009-03-31  Argentine media hails Argentina-China currency swap deal

2009-03-30  Colombian state oil company to strength cooperation with China

2009-03-29  Weak demands drag down China coal prices in first two months

2009-03-27  HK continues to provide liquidity assistance for banks

2009-03-26  Economic recession slashes Chinese housewares export to U.S.

2009-03-25  Chinese mainland would consider trade pact to help Taiwan

2009-03-25  Chinese firms face hurdles in Australia

2009-03-24  China central bank governor suggests creating super-sovereign reserve currency

2009-03-23 China agrees to increase trade credit at World Bank

2009-03-20 Fur not involved in China's policy adjustment on rawhide processing trade

2009-03-19 Industry expert: China's steel exporters face grim export conditions

2009-03-18 NASDAQ president "relieved" by China's growth amid global slowdown

2009-03-17 China Enterprises Index down 1.2% on March 17

2009-03-16 Expert: Fiscal stimulus plans to spur revenue growth

2009-03-15 China to foster globally competitive logistics companies by 2011

2009-03-09 HSBC falls 24% in Hong Kong, biggest drop in history

2009-03-09 VC fund increases steadily in China

2009-03-08 China political advisor:Boosting consumer spending should be long-term strategy

2009-03-05 BOC gives more loans to key industries in China

2009-03-04 Macao economic chief vows to help SME weather financial crisis

2009-03-04 Hactl becomes world's first to obtain ISAGO registration

2009-03-03 China plans asset management body to accelerate SOE restructuring

2009-03-02 China can achieve 8% GDP growth through offorts

2009-03-01 Expert:Chinese economy could expand in cost-effective manner

2009-02-27 China signs agreement with Japanese bank for light rail loan

2009-02-26 Chinese delegation looks to expand Swiss trade

2009-02-25 Chinese lawmakers consider insurance company investment law

2009-02-20 Chinese shares up 0.58%, reacting to stimulus policy

2009-02-20 Brazil to supply up to 100,000 barrels of oil daily to China

2009-02-19 Chinese imports to get forex fund boost

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