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China (Shanghai)International Product & Technology Import Expo

Time and Venue:
Nov 14 – 16, 2009
INTEX Shanghai (Shanghai International Exhibition Center)
Nov 17 – permanent exhibition
Shanghai Pentagonal Mart

Supported by: Ministry of Commerce of the PRC
Sponsored by: China-Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation
Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center Co., Ltd.
Organized by: Shanghai Pentagonal Mart Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhong Zhao International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the Expo
The First China(Shanghai) International Product & Technology Import Expo will be jointly held by China-Europe Association for Technology & Economic Cooperation, Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pentagonal Mart Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhong-zhao International Exhibition Co., Ltd. with the support of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC at Shanghai from Nov .14 to Nov .16, 2009 in a bid to maintain stable export growth and actively expand import and to carry out the document of "the Catalogue of Technologies and Products Whose Import Is Encouraged" promulgated in September,2007.
This Expo is designed to build an all-dimensional, multi-tiered and highly-efficient marketing platform for technologies and equipments import, in hopes that the Chinese market can provide systemic assistance for such areas as IT, energy conservation and environment protection, bio-pharmacy, printing & packaging, electro-mechanics& machinery, textiles and garments, light industry products, telecommunic-
ations, farm machines & tools and food processing.

Participating Sectors
IT, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, Bio-pharmacy, Printing & Packaging, Electro-mechanics & Machinery, Textiles and Garments, Light Industrial Products, Telecommunications, Farm Machines & Tools and Food Processing.,etc.
Major Activities
1、 Technological Exchanges and Purchases between Chinese and Foreign Enterprises
Domestic purchasing companies were organized to the Expo and encouraged to conduct face to face talk with manufacturers.
2、Briefing of New Products & Technologies
Places were arranged for free and media informed in advance in accordance with the reservation of the participating enterprises.
3、Products Presentation
Presentations are held according to the purchasing requirements of the domestic companies.
4、Implement Policies Reached at China Import Encouraging Policy Summit
Invite relative government officials of the State Council to explain China’s policy of encouraging and promoting import.

Strengths of the Expo
Government support — the Expo is approved by Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, jointly organized by China-Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation affiliated to Ministry of Commerce of the PRC and Shanghai international Sourcing promotion Center.
Geographical advantage — Shanghai, the host city of the Expo embraces the status as China’s important economic center, with a comprehensive transportation linked to the rest of the country.
Features — besides the short-term exhibitions, there are also long-term exhibition platforms, with an area of 500,000 square meters, for exhibitors to display their products.
High-quality service—the Expo provides one-stop, all-dimensional government and business support services.

Introduction of Shanghai Pentagonal Mart
Shanghai Pentagonal Mart, covering a land of 300,000 square meters and with a total construction area of approximately 500,000 square meters, is located in the north of Huinan new city, Nanhui district, which is at the heart of a golden triangle formed by Liujiazui finance and trade zone, Waigaoqiao port area, Pudong international Airport and Yangshan International Deep-water Port. With China International Sourcing Center and China Import Commodity Center as the two main organizations, the Shanghai Pentagonal Mart incorporates such functions as exposition, trade, government and commercial services, business, and food services, amusement, sight-seeing, relaxing and meeting facilities.

Ten Major Functions for Long-term Exhibition
◆ Intellectual Property Right Service: such as the registration and protection of trademark, patent and firm
◆ Marketing Service: organizing buyers, the arrangement of transactions and negotiations
◆Information Service: supply and demand information, price information, market feedback, policy consultation, e-commerce
◆Government Service: commodity inspection, industrial and commercial service, taxation and customs service
◆Financial Service: discount loans, financing consultation, equipment renting, brokerage service, bankin-
g service, commercial insurance.
◆Warehousing and Logistics Service: bonded warehousing, third-party logistics
◆After-sale Service: resolution of customers complaints, regular maintenance, repairing
◆Property Service: property management, public service
◆Accommodation Service: food, sheltering, transport
◆Commercial Service: paid-services such as daily operation management, commercial management, trusteeship
Participating Procedures
Booth Reservation
Exhibiters shall fax the endorsed application form to the organizing committee, and the committee will arrange the booths according to the space and content of the exhibiters, while adhering to the principle of coming first, getting first
Payment of Fee
Exhibiters should remit the related-fees to the designated account of the organizing committee three days after faxing the application form to the organizing committee
Booth Confirmation
The organizing committee will confirm the booth after receiving the fees and provide the brochure of General Rules for Exhibition, Exhibiters should make preparation for the show

The standards for the collection of exhibition booth fee

Exhibition types Short-term
exhibition Long-term
Standard booth 3m × 3m 4m × 3m
Booth Rental Fee 1. Indoor floor: Free.
2. Standard booth:
Every exhibitor could have a 3m×3m booth for free. RMB5, 000 Yuan/booth is collected from the second one. RMB10,000 for the first year, including annual property management fee
RMB20,000 for the second year, including annual property management fee
RMB30,000 for the third year, including annual property management fee
Note: We give RMB50,000 discount price for 3-year-contract with total payment

The Organizing Committee of China (Shanghai) International Product and Technology Import Expo

Address: Room 101, 82 Donganmen Street, Beijing
Postcode: 100747
Tel: +86-10-65121625 (Beijing)   +86-21-58313616 (Shanghai)
Fax: +86-10-85226883 (Beijing)  +86-21-58310852 (Shanghai)