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The Nine China Agricultural trade fair (shanghai)

Date:December 31,2009-January 4 ,2010
Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Exhibition Profile
We use"exhibition in Shanghai,facing the world"as the theme,for exhibitors to create a high level of technical information exchange platform of communication to display the latest delicious.Nutrition food,enhances the enterprise image,and expand market share,strengthen cooperation and communication,Shanghai and southeast Asian markets provide a commercial opportunity!

Exhibition Scopes
Agricultural and sideline products category: sales and forest products,aquatic products,fruit,fungus,meat products etc. Eggs High quality agriculture,forestry, animal husbandry,product deep processing of agricultural products, preservation and storage, frozen products,etc Green food:certified organic food,green food. High food:biotechnology foods (fermentation technology,biological technology,nucleic acid,transgenic technology,etc.),microwave food,food technology (high temperature sterilizing food,the other high-tech food (supercritical extraction technology,microcapsule techniques,membrane separation technology,extrusion technology and technology,etc.) Tea kind:milk,sugar,chocolate non-pan sticking,various art sweets

Wang Jing