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2009 th 4th International Congress &
Exhibition on Nutrition, Fitness and Health

Date :Dec.10-12,2009
Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Center,China 1000 yan'an Zhong Road,shanghai,China

Organizer:Shanghai Centre for Scientific and Technological Exchange with Foreign Countries (SSTEC)
Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association
Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research
Shanghai Nutrition Society;Shanghai Food Society
Shanghai Primary Products Quality Certification Center
Institute for Nutritional Sciences, SIBS, CAS
Beijing Science & Technology Exchange with Foreign Countries
Shang Center for Science Education
Shanghai Institute of Healthcare;

Introduction to the exhibition
The 21st century are the century when human pursues the health, seeks happy life, the nutrition industry arising out of the big context is faced with this unprecedented opportunity.The world-famous economist,enterprizer and futurist-Paul Pierce put it in his global seller-that the human in 21st century will face the serious nutrition imbalance , but the people’s expection to health, quality will be higher. In the new century, the human being will explore the health business opportunities worth of 1,000,100,000,000 dollars,which is the 4th ---the 5th after the IT revolution.With the advancement of the rapid economic progress and the living standard, the health industry in China will foresee the unprecendented business opportunities.

2009 Shanghai International Health congress provide a platform for business exchange and communication for the factories at home and abroad. The exhibition will attract the exhibitors among the enterprise, university, research institution and technology transfer, marketing consulting institution intermediary investment company in the field such as government functional department, health promotion institution and functional food, organic food ,health care, sports facilities, biological medicine…The exhibition covers an area of 6000 square meters.

1. Purpose
Accelerate domestic and international collaboration and increase more health-related activities.
2. Objective
Establish the largest-scale health industry exchange and business platform, attract the people from health-related industry in science and technology,education,industry intermediary and so on .
3. Participant
The related manufacturer, application developer, trader, source provider and so on at home and abroad. The concerned institution, union, association, scientific research institution, universities; Intermediary media promotional institution, investment institution.

Stand  Contractor SPEC-U
Add: R3304,185Ruijin Rd(S),Shanghai,China
Mobile: 13917136529
Contact: Liu Jie
Onsite-Office: The Southwest Side room of Shanghai Exhibition Center