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The 10th Qianghua Exhibition for Refrigeration、Heating and Ventilation、Air-conditioning Equipment
Date:Dec. 10–12 2009
Venue:Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition & Conference Center
Organized:China's textile business associations

General information
In order to promote the businessmen from home and abroad expand the market of east China, and strengthen communication and cooperation between refrigeration to create vast space. “The 10th Qianghua National Refrigeration Equipment Exhibition and Fraternity” (2009 Qianghua Refrigeration), will be held on DEC. 10–12 2009, in Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition & Conference Center

At the same time, Qianghua Refrigeration will be held in East China from this year, in response to customers’ demands.

Qianghua Refrigeration Exhibition has been successfully held 9 years in big cities, such as Changsha, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Jinan and so on. Most of the participants are the channel, applying, foreign trade enterprises in the HAVCR industry from home and abroad. Now, Qianghua Refrigeration Exhibition has become the excellent platform for the national refrigeration enterprises, the suppliers and the purchasers meeting, exchanging and trading. Also, Qianghua Refrigeration is the valuable year-end party in HVACR industry. Every year, about 8000 faithful customers share the annual occasion together.

Qianghua Refrigeration Exhibition is either the valuable year-end party in HVACR industry, or the global exhibition of cooling, freezing, refrigeration equipments, fitting, tools and materials, So, It’s called “ The first cooling, freezing exhibition of China and the first refrigeration and air-conditioning fittings exhibition of China.

Exhibiting scope:
1、Refrigeration system unit and supporting equipments, fitting, material
2、Central air-conditioning (industrial, commerce, household) unit and supporting equipments, fitting, material
3、heating technology equipments and supporting equipments, fitting, material
4、freezing, cooling system unit and supporting equipments, fitting, material
5、ventilation, cleaning equipments and related technologies, fitting, materials
6、tools of refrigeration, heating and ventilation, air-conditioning