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the 9th China (Shenzhen) International Battery Exhibition 2009

Date:November 26-28.2009
Venue:Shenzhen convention&Exhibition Center(Fuhua 3rd Road)

Guangdong Institute of Electronics
China Power Supply Special Committee of CECC
China New Energy Industry Association
Hong Kong Kuozhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Battery Association (TBA)
China Battery Research Institute
International Lithium Battery Association
Korea Battery Association

Welcome you to attend the 9th China (Shenzhen) International Battery Exhibition 2009 (Battery China 2009). Organized in full range by Kuozhan Exhibition Co., Ltd., this exhibition will be a professional grand event of the Asian battery industry. We are looking forward to your participation!

Products Group
Windows: Aluminum windows and doors, PVC windows, wood windows, steel windows and a variety of compound profiles Doors: industrial doors, garage doors, residence doors, etc.Facades, Curtain walls: glass curtain walls, Aluminum curtain walls, stone curtain walls

Based on the successful advantages and resources of the previous 8 sessions of battery exhibitions, with the huge demand of the Chinese market, the Organizer will make full efforts to create this exhibition into a grand and most influential professional event of the Asia-Pacific battery industry. This exhibition will be greatly enhanced from its original foundation in terms of exhibition scale, level and impact. It is believed that more battery branded enterprises will participate in the Battery China 2009. The estimated scale will triple the previous ones and professional visitors will exceed 30000 person/time.

Scope of Exhibition

※ Batteries of all series: Lead-acid battery, VRLA battery, Nickel-Cadmium battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, one-off lithium battery, lithium ion battery, lithium-polymer battery, zinc air battery, Zinc-manganese battery, one-off battery and rechargeable battery, alkaline manganese battery, nickel-zinc storage battery, silver zinc battery, button battery, thermal battery, fuel cell, super capacitor, semiconductor thermoelectric electric module, and other new type of batteries;

※ Batteries for various uses: Batteries for cell phone, walkie-talkie, wireless phone, toy, laptop, video camera, digital camera, PDA, MP3/MP4, portable DVD, emergency light, electric motor bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric automobile, hybrid electric automobile, electric-driven tool, electric-driven toy, UPS, railway locomotive and passenger train, ship and boat;

※ Various battery manufacturing equipment, certification and inspection institutions, test equipment, raw materials, spare parts and chargers, etc.

※ Battery material: diaphragm, lithium cobaltate, acidic lithium, lithium nickel-cobaltate, cobalt oxide, iron-lithium phosphate; conducting agent, graphite, sealing reagent, manganese powder, electrolytic manganese dioxide, zinc material, graphite powder, nicked hydroxide, foam nickel,hydrogen-bearing alloy, modified graphite material;

※ Silicon solar battery and material, film solar battery and material, solar battery transparent coating material, solar cell and component production equipment; cutting machine, test equipment, solar lamp, solar communication station, solar ventilator, etc., solar charger; household photovoltaic power, synchronized photovoltaic system, and photovoltaic transmission and distribution equipment; complementary system of wind power and photovoltaic power; inverter; measurement and control system; control software for solar system;

※ Power battery for various uses (electric-driven tool, electric motor bicycle, electric automobile, hybrid electric automobile, etc.), battery management system, battery material, manufacturing equipment, test equipment, etc.

※ All series of rechargeable battery-use intelligent battery charger; battery industrial-use waste-disposal equipment; and recycling technology and equipment for waste batteries.

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