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China(Shenzhen)Internatijonal Touch Screen Exhibition 2009

Venue:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer:Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Institute of Electronics 
Chinese Institute of Electronics
China Touch Control Association Touchscreen Specialty Committee
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA    
Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development   
Hong Kong Kuozhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

As the largest-sized and most influential international touchscreen annual expo, with “Touch the World with Green Technology” as its theme, and to meet the convention requirement of “International Scope, Profession and High Level”, this Exhibition will invite touchscreen industry giants from Japan, ROK, USA, France, UK, Germany, Finland, and other European and American countries as well as from China Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong regions, to discuss and exchange views on how to develop the Chinese Touchscreen industry, so as to help top management of the industry to know better the latest trend of the global touchscreen industrial chains, and meanwhile to allow relevant equipment suppliers, material suppliers, IC suppliers, panel-screen manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, and delegates from design and research institutes to learn more deeply about the Chinese touchscreen market, thus promoting the development of the Chinese touchscreen industry.

Scope of exhibition
(1)Touchscreen: resistance touchscreen, capacitance touchscreen, infra-red touchscreen and surface sound wave touchscreen, bending wave touchscreen, multi-point touchscreen, optical touchscreen, touch control panel, LCD OLED, TFT, touchscreen central control system development and production technology;
(2)Touchscreens of various uses: cell-phone touchscreen, lap-top computer touchscreen, ATM-use touchscreen, TV touchscreen, fingerprint attendance machine touchscreen, Mp3/Mp4 touchscreen, navigator touchscreen, cash register touchscreen, bill printer touchscreen, POS machine touchscreen, industrial control touchscreen, learning machine touchscreen, digital camera frame touchscreen, digital touchscreen, KTV touchscreen, game machine touchscreen, handwriting touchscreen;
(3) Inquiry touchscreen: touch-LCD integrator, education touchscreen, CRT integrator, wall-type integrator, queue machine, touchscreen telephone, multi-media touchscreen, public information inquiry system, touch-inquiry integrator;
(4) Touchscreen display unit/monitor: education LCD touchscreen, LCD touchscreen monitor, household LCD monitor, industrial touchscreen, CRT touchscreen monitor, cell-phone touchscreen, industrial touchscreen and man-machine interface; industrial touchscreen, industrial control computer, text terminal graphic control integration;
(5) Touchscreen software: touchscreen inquiry software, touchscreen browser, touchscreen menu software, touchscreen song selection software; touchscreen multi-media inquiry software, touchscreen peripherals and attendance and queue management system, IC chip controller, radio frequency card reader, micro-printer;
(6) Tuchscreen materials: ITO conducting glass, ink, conducting elargol, ITO membrane, membrane switch, two-sided adhesive, flexible circuit board;
(7) Clean/ESD protection cleaning room, purification room consumables, anti-static equipment, ESD protection equipment/facilities, purification equipment, etc.

Secretariat Office of Touchscreen China 2009:
Add: Rm. 904, Yinxing Building, No. 2, Lane 51, Longcao Road, Shanghai, 200235, P. R. China
Tel: +86-21-64363606, 64753156
Fax: +86-21-54976528
Contact Person: Feixiong (Cell phone: 15921091892)
Expo website: