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SpeChem China 2009

Date:Dec 1-3, 2009
Venue:Intex Shanghai 
Organized:CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry ;Zhejiang Netsun Co.,Ltd.

Brief of SpeChem
SpeChem China 2009 will be held at Intex Shanghai on Dec 1-3, 2009. Organized by CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry, the professional international trade promotion organization in China Chemical Industry, and Zhejiang Netsun Co., Ltd., which owns the famous chemical, SpeChem China is the leading exhibition in China Fine & Specialty Chemical Industry.

In SpeChem China 2008, there was more then 6000 sqm exhibit space representing 227 exhibitors, including Sinopec, Honeywell and Chevron Philips etc. Visitors were from Bayer, Evonik, Rhodia, Ineos, Ciba, DSM, Lanxess, Sumitomo, PetroChina, Shanghai Huayi, SinoChem, ChemChina, and from 25 Countries and Regions. The Forum and Seminars during the Event Attracted more Attendees and Made the Event more Successful.

The organizers will make good use of their relationships with associations, media, other exhibitions abroad and their thousands of customers in China to promote the event, and will provide more opportunities such as forum and seminars for attendees to communicate and exchange with others. The exhibition will be an excellent chance for Fine & Specialty Chemical Companies home and abroad to extend their business under current economic situation

Scope of exhibition
◇ Fine & Specialty Chemicals:
Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Agrochemical Intermediates, Dye Intermediates, Electronic Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Oilfield Chemicals, Household Products, Paper Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, BioChemical, Custom Synthesis, Catalysts, Rubber and Plastic Assists, Reagent, Surfactants, Food & Feed Additives.
◇ Custom Chemicals
◇ New Materials:
Fluoro-Materials, Silicone Materials, Engineering Plastics, Functional Polymer Materials, Nanometer Materials, Membrane Materials, Specialty Fibers,、Fine Ceramics, Photographic Applications.
◇ Chemical Equipments:
Pulverization Machinery, Driers, Rectifying Equipments, Sealing Equipments, Analytical & Testing Instruments, Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Equipments, Packaging, Storage and Transportation.

Contact  Information
CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry          
Contact: Mr. Mo Kai,Ms Ivy Jia
Tel: +86-10-6427 2119; 6422 2898;                 

Zhejiang Netsun Co., Ltd   
Contact: Mr. Dong Feng, Mr. Yu Bo
Tel: +86-571-8822 8422; 8822 8185