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2009 4 th China International Beverage Exhibition
 on Science & Technology 

Date:Nov. 24-26, 2009
Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Center 
Organizer:China Beverage Industry Association

China International Beverage Exhibition on Science & Technology (CBST) is an exclusive exhibition with beverages as the subject in China. Ever since the 1st Exhibition held in 2003, the organizers have been pursuing the goal of “High Density, Overall, Professional Activity, Professional Visitors”, providing overall services for the industry together with many activities, and aiming at establishing a first-class exchange platform for the industry heart and soul.

2009 4th China International Beverage Exhibition on Science & Technology (CBST 2009) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on Nov. 24-26, 2009. Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Exhibition will be exclusively sponsored and organized by China Beverage Industry Association (CBIA), together with several leading companies of the beverage industry.

The Organizing Committee sincerely invite beverage enterprises and suppliers to join the great family of CBST 2009 and make due contributions to China’s beverage industry. If you decide to join us, you’ll be part of us; if you join us, you’ll have a chance of success.

The Organizing Committee also welcome beverage-related people to visit CBST 2009. Here, you’ll find and enjoy everything from cleaning equipment to palletizing machinery, from single unit to whole line, from raw and auxiliary materials to additives, and from traditional technologies to advanced techniques. We believe your presence will become one step on your road to success and prosperity.

China International Concrete Week(Hereinafter ConcreteChina 2009) is the concrete industry’s international event with exhibition,conference and training featuring raw meterials,technologies,equipment and applicance to cover the entire industry chain of concrete.

Exhibition Contents

Raw materials: fruit and vegetable concentrate juice, jam, tea powder, concentrated tea soup, coffee powder, vegetable extracts, etc.

Ingredients:essences, spices, emulsifying agents, nutrition hardening agents, auxiliary materials, starch syrup, etc.

Processing aid:disinfecting agents, enzyme preparation,etc.

Manufacture Equipment:pre-treatment equipment, cleaning equipment, extraction plant, concentrated equipment, mixing devices, filtering equipment, sterilization equipment, bottling and capping equipment, CIP cleaning equipment, distillation plant, automatic control system, water treatment and cleaning equipment etc.(including reducer、conveyer belt、pot、stainless steel pipe、automatic 3D storehouse)

Package material and equipment: packing materials, container, gluewater, trademarks and gluing, blow mold shaping equipment, pulp molding equipment, cap making equipment, labeling /printing equipment, casing label equipment, plastic film packaging equipment, carton packaging equipment, stack stowing equipment, storage facilities, color printing equipment, etc.

Supporting facilities: marketing equipment, showcases, examination instruments, conveying equipment and parts, refrigerating plant, variable-speed motors, pumps and valves, pipe fittings, electric assemblies and basic standard parts, etc.

Marketing equipment:instant mixers, refrigerators, hot drink machines, cold drink machines, market showcases, etc.

Others: industrial institutions, scientific research institutes, engineering technical consulting service institutions, trading companies and industrial media, etc.

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