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The 5th International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Label(Shanghai)Expo

Date:March 29-31,2010
Venue: Shanghai international exhibition center

Welcome to attend the “The 5th International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Label(Shanghai)Expo”, APFE for short. It is the adhesive tape, protective film and sticker exposition and organized by Guangzhou Zhengya Exposition Co., Ltd.during the whole process. We look forward to your participation.

As a top exhibition with the largest scale, influential and innovative power in global adhesive product industry, APFE fixes the tour annually in Shanghai and Guangdong. The APFE exhibition in Shenzhen this time not only inherits the achievements of APFE Shanghai Expo (spring), but also has a significant momentum overshadowing previous session expo.

Scope of exhibition 

◆Adhesive tape:adhesive tape products of films, paper, fabric, foil, foam and other materials, including packaging adhesive tape, printing tape, packing tape, industrial tape, electrical / electron tape, electronic tape, chemical tape, double-sided tape, laser tape, stationery tape, medical tape, kraft paper tape, textured paper tape, harness tape, duct tape, foil tape, plastic tape, adhesive labels, protective tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive film paste and other adhesive tape products, as well as cutting and processing.

◆ Protective film: PE, PVC film, hot melt adhesive film, surface protective film, stamping film, composite film, vehicle protection film, tensile enwinding film, cell phone protective film, paper protective film, LCD protective film, the double-sided adhesive film, electrostatic protective film, high temperature film, ?PET coated film and other types of protection films.

◆ Adhesive materials:all kinds of adhesive materials and products of paper and film, including PE, PP, PVC, PET adhesive, various label materials, trademark materials, instant stickers, stickers, cold laminating film, PP glossy paper, reflective film, film rolls, double-sided glue and other adhesive products.

◆Manufacturing equipment and instruments for adhesive: all kinds of adhesive tapes, relevant equipments to protective film, equipment for producing adhesives, coating equipment, splitting machine, composite machine, binder machine tool, testing apparatus and analysis, gluing tool and technique, packing and printing machines, etc.

◆Raw material and chemical products: kinds of adhesive taps, raw material and chemical products for producing protective film, including various adhesive products, sealing agent, resin, glue, solvent, wax, hot-melt adhesive, accessory agent, sorts of auxiliary materials

APFE Shenzhen Exhibition- Contact agency:
Zhengya Exposition Co., Ltd. (the world’s largest organizer and leader of adhesive expo)
Address: Cao’an International Mall 10 of 35 ,Cao’an Road 1855, Shanghai China
Tel: +86-21-33518238? 33518239
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