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China International Marine Port & Shipbuilding Fait

ate : 19-21 May 2010
Venue:Nanjing International Expo Center,China
Organize: Nanjing Municipal People's Govemment The Economic Trade Communications Department
Jiangsu Provincial Communications Department
Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of  China

World Industrial base,boundless business opportunities In 2008,the accomplished shipbuilding output in China are 28.81 million deadweight tonnages, the newly received ship orders, and the handholding ship orders, are 58.18million, and 204.6 million deadweight tonnages, China has stride into one of the shipbuilding countries.
Once every two years

The shipbuilding industry of Jiangsu Province ranks the first place in China, In 2008, the accomplished shipbuilding output in Jiangsu reached 8.82 million deadweight tonnages accounting for 30.6%of the nation's total. The handholding ship orders and the newly undertook ship orders accounts for 37.2%and 32.2%respectively of the nation's industry. Exhibition categories A Shipyard industry
Power systems
Power assistant
Operation equipment
Electrical engineering
Ship decoration and accessories
Cargo handing systems
Ship design
B Port and technology
Port and technology
C Logistics and transport
Logistics and transport
D Marine technology
E others

Organization Committee of CIMPS 2010
CIMPS-China International Marine, Port & Shipbulding Fair
Contact:Jennifer Overseas Coordinator
Add:19th Business Mansion, Jinling Royal View Garden,333South Tai-ping Road.210002Nanjing,P.R.China 
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