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SNEC 4rd (2010) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition

Date: May 5-7 , 2010
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Approver: Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China
Supporter :Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission
Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission
Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

Upon the previous success of three SNEC events, Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA) plans to hold SNEC 4th (2010) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition [SNEC (2010) PV POWER EXPO] from May 5 to 7, 2010 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai), China, which is also designed to contribute to promoting the development of the PV industry. The exhibits cover the categories of Production Equipments, Solar Cells/Panels (PV Modules), Components, Solar Materials, Solar Products, PV Projects and System Integrators, etc.

Moreover, during SNEC (2010) PV POWER EXPO, Shanghai will be hosting World Expo 2010 which has already attracted worldwide attention. It is believed that every participant of SNEC (2010) PV POWER EXPO will have the opportunity to surprise himself/herself and find it worthwhile by visiting the two shows at one trip.

Exhibits Category

1 Production Equipment:Solar Ingot/Wafer/Cell/Panel/Thin-Film Panel Production Equipment

2 Category Description:Companies that manufacture equipments used to make solar ingots/blocks, wafers, cells or panels (/modules), including:Ingot/Block Production Equipment: turnkey systems, casting/solidification equipment, crucibles equipment, pullers and other related;

3 Wafer Production Equipment: turnkey systems, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, inspecting equipment, and other related;

4 Cell Production Equipment: turnkey systems, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion equipment, coating/deposition, screen printers, other furnaces, testers & sorters, and other related; Panel Production Equipment: turnkey systems, testers, glass washing equipment, tabbers/stringers, laminators and other related

5 Thin-Film Panel Production Equipment: amorphous silicon cells, CIS/CIGS, CdTe and DSSC; Production Technical and Research Equipment.

5 Thin-Film Panel Production Equipment: amorphous silicon cells, CIS/CIGS, CdTe and DSSC; Production Technical and Research Equipment.

7 Components:Batteries, Chargers, Controllers, Converters, Data Logger, Inverters, Monitors, Mounting Systems, Trackers, OthersCategory Description:Companies that supply products (apart from solar panels/modules) required for a functioning grid-connected or off-grid solar power system.;

8 Solar Materials: Silicon Materials, Ingots/Blocks, Wafers, Glass, Film, Others Category Description:Companies that supply materials required for the manufacture of solar cells, solar panels (/modules), etc.

9 Solar Products: Lighting Products, Power Systems, Mobile Chargers, Water Pumps, Solar Houseware, Other Solar Products Category Description:Companies that manufacture products that use solar products or panels.

10 PV Projects and System Integrators: PV system integrators, solar power air conditioner system, rural PV power generation system, solar power measurement and control system, solar power warming system projects, PV projects programs control, engineering control and software system. Category Description: Companies that design and sell complete photovoltaic systems in buildings (panels installed on buildings) or in solar power plants, and companies that install panels/modules.

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