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The 6th Dongguan International Coatings Fair
Show Date:March 17-20, 2010
Venue:Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Center
Co-organisers:Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association
World Trade Expo Ltd.(A Member of South Dragon Group)

Dongguan South Dragon Expo Ltd

Exhibit Profile:
1. Coatings Products (Constructional Coating, Wood Coating, automotive Coating, Plastics industry and Industry Coating), Printing Inks & Adhesive Products;

2. Chemicals & Raw Materials: Natural/Synthetic Resins (Acrylicresin, Amino Resin, Petroleum Resin, Silicone, etc.) as well as Firming agent, Pigments (Oxidized Iron Oxide Red, Aluminite Powder, Aluminum Pigment Paste, Titanium Oxide Powder, Pearlescent Pigment, Phthalocyanine, etc.), Emulsion, Solvents (Glycol ether, Aromatic Hydrocarbon, etc.), Extenders, Fillers (Kleit, Talcum Powder, Bentonite, Calcium carbonate, Mica Powder, etc.), Additives (Including Thickeners, Surfactants, Dispersants, Emulsifiers, Crosslinking Agents, Anti-foaming Agents, Anti-Skinning Agents, Leveling Agents, Wetting Agent, Iocides, Driers, Tabilizers, Waxes, etc.);

3. Manufacturing & Packaging Machinery: Tinting System, Mixers, Continuous Mixers, Intermittent Mixers, Laboratory Mixers, Dissolvers, Extruders, Mills & Accessories, Filters, Metering Devices, Dispensers & Filling Systems, Packaging, Labeling Machines, Grinding and Polishing Media, etc.;

4. Quality Control Instrument: Testing Mechanical Properties, Chemical Properties, Optical Properties, Colour Properties, Rheology, Stability, etc.;

5. Safety, Environmental Conservative Equipment & Other Services: Engineering & Consulting Services, Container Washing Equipment, Environmental Conservative & Safety Equipment, Effluent Treatment, Solvent Recycling, Publications, Internet & E-Commerce, etc.

Address:Room2110,Mega Trade Center ,1 Mei Wan st ., TsuenWan ,N.T.,Hong Kong
Tel: (852)27768282