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China Exhibition
International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Product 2010

Date: 10.1-5,2010
Venue:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Organiser: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Exhibition region: Domestic Exhibition

Show industry: Medical Treatment/Drugstore

Exhibition bound:
1.Chinese Medicine Patent Drug; Non-prescription Drug; Herbal Medicine; Raw Herb; Herbal Diets.
2.Health Supplement Dietary Supplement; Functional Food; Herbal Supplement; Vitamin / Mineral Supplement;    Organic Food.
3.Health Care & Therapy Chinese Beauty Therapies; Acupuncture & Massage Equipment; Health Consultant;    Chinese Medicated Oil & Ointment; Herbal Analgesic & Body Care.
4.Raw Material, Equipment & Related Services Chinese Raw Extracts; Organic Ingredients; Preparation &    Production Equipment; Chinese Diagnostic Instrument; Packaging System; Medical Information System;    Industry Publications.
5.Research & Development Scientific Research; Product Development; Testing Services; Quality Control;    Related Institutions.

Exhibition website: