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2010 Casix

Casix is high quality manufacturer of optical components. Our optical component products includes custom optics assembly, light pipe assembly, color wheel assembly, fiber pigtail assembly, fiber collimator, waveplate stacks for market applications in surveying measurement systems, instruments, lasers, projection lighting and passive devices.

Date: October 21-23, 2010
Venue: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China
Organizing Committee of VisionChina 2010
Sponsors:China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIC)

Application Conference has ended in a great success on November 25—27 2009. According to statistics,
VisionChina 2009 has reached new records in show area (3500 square meters) as well as 8861 visitors. This report
brings you a series of statistics and renew, which will help you to get a better view of VisionChina 2009.

Optical lenses
Optical Waveplates

Ms.Marina Wang/Mr. Lishu
CIEC Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: 20,Fuxing Street,Fuxing Investment District, Fuzhou,Fujian 350014, China
Tel: +86-591-8362- 0115    
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