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China Exhibition
The 3nd Guangzhou International Fashion Jewelry Exhibition

Time: May 13th-15th ,2010
Address: Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Liuhua) Complex
Sponsor: China (Hong Kong) Adornment Industry Promotion Association
Hong Kong FORO International Exhibition Group
Guangzhou FORO Exhibition Co. ,Ltd
Organizer: Guangzhou FORO Exhibition Co. ,Ltd
Lawyer consultant: DEHENG lawyer office

Decoration Industry, separated from the earlier simple Jewelry and art industries, is a combined new industry. Decoration has been becoming the necessary part in our daily life. With the larger increasing of the china society economy, culture and the entered outside-china culture; the bigger market demand for the fashion, unique characteristics chased by people currently. Decoration Industry has become one of the potential industries and achieved a mighty growth in china. The sales of decoration has been increased by per year, and percentage of the international market has been more and more larger, China has become the big manufactory country of decoration all over the world.

Guangdong Decoration Industry, established in the late of 1970', is the cradle land of China Decoration Industry and the district of the earliest producing and selling decorations in china. There are about 1.000.000 labors and more than 4000 factories in Guangdong province. Overall, Guangdong, Yiwu and Qingdao have become the three biggest manufactory basement of decoration in China. In September, Guangzhou Fashion Decoration Exhibition will be opened in China Carton Fair as the biggest one. The Exhibition will offer the bigger and broader opportunity to exchange idea and trade business for indoor decoration manufactory enterprises and all-over world manufacturer, agency, distributor, purchaser, top brand businessperson. With our warm heart, welcome the new and old friends to join in the exhibition.

Exhibition Scope
Decoration Series:Fashion Series, Mobile Decoration, Folk Decoration, Art Decoration, Fashion Bag Decoration, Garment Decoration, Metal Decoration, Making-up Decoration, Home Decoration, Truck Decoration, Fashion Eye-glass, Fashion Watch, SparDecoration, Pet Decoration, Festival Decoration Package Decoration and so on.
Decoration Materials:Mould, Glass, Plastic Glue, Iron Accessory, Accessory, Yageli, All kinds of accessories
Decoration Facilities:Keep-temperature Machinery, Shaving Machinery, Flower Machinery, Sculpture Knife,
Expensive Metal Decoration Facility, Finished Mould Machinery, Electric Machinery, Manufactory Machinery,
Bakery Industry Instruments, Decoration Package Facility, Monitory Instruments and so on.

Other Services Concerned:Decoration Wholesale Market, Trade-business Center, Professional Media and so on.

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