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China Exhibition
The 22nd China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition

Date:Sep 29 -05 Oct, 2010
Venue:Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
China Ceramic Industrial Association
CCPIT, Building Materials Sub-council

China National Light Industry Council
China Building Materials Industrial Association
Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Exhibits Range
1. Complete Plants for the Production of Ceramic Tiles, Building Bricks, Sanitary Wares, Tablewares, Stonewares, Artistic Ceramics, Technical Ceramics, Clinker, Refractories.
2. Raw Materials and Additives, Production Materials and Aids.
3. Colors and Glazes.
4. Chemical Products and Additives.
5. Raw Materials Extraction and Preparation.
6. Batching and Weighing.
7. Pressing, Forming and Casting.
8. Glazing, Screen Printing and Decoration.
9. Drying, Firing and Heating Units.
10. Sorting, Packaging, Handling, Storage.
11. Quality and Process Control.
12. Analyzes and Laboratory Equipment.
13. Surface Treatment and Finishing Machines.
14. Screen Printing Products and Equipment.
15. Tools, Spare Parts and Accessories.
16. Design and Engineering.
17. Environment Protection, Purification and Soundproofing Equipment, Safety Devices.
18. Research and Training, Technology Transfer, Consulting Services.
19. Publishers, Associations and Organizations.
20. Others.

For more information, please feel free to contact: Mr. Michael Huang Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Add: Rm. 802-804, Daxin Building, No.538 Dezheng North Road, Guangzhou, China Tel: 0086 20 8327 6369 / 8327 6389 ext. 805 Fax: 0086 20 8327 6330 / 8327 6350 Mobile: 0086-136 3136 8969 Email:, Website: