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China Exhibition
19th China Glass Exhibition

China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, 10 -13 April 2010

The Largest and the Most Dynamic Event in Asia Glass Industry Continues to Soar

The China Glass is the only international glass exhibition sponsored and supported by all glass industry-related governmental departments and nationwide trade associations of China. The 18th event in Shanghai in May 2009 was the largest one in dimensions, 46,000 square meters of 4 halls, since it was launched in 1986. Among total 707 exhibitors from 24 countries in the world including China, 235 were foreign companies. The admission flow of professional visitors were up to34,392 from 111 countries, of them, overseas visitors were increased by 46.8% up to 2,729, compared with last event. The soaring data prove up to the hilt that the China Glass has already become the largest event in Asia as well as one of 3 the largest exhibitions in glass industry in the world.

I Various Glass Products and Application
Architectural and decoration glass; Fenestration and hardware fittings; automobile glass and industrial glass; hollow glassware and glass containers; electric lighting glass and special glass

II Instruments, Equipment and Computer Automatic Control Systems for Glass Production
Batch weighing and mixing systems; Furnace batch charging, melting, homogenizing, combustion, electric boosting, bubbling system and related technology; color/flint glass forehearth with stirrer and annealing lehrs and decorating lehrs etc; various forming and cold-end processing equipment including flat glass cutting machine, quality inspection system on/out line; the I.S. machine for variety bottles and the glassware forming machines including gob feeder, pressing, blowing, burn-off, crack-off, rim toughing and rim polishing machines; quality inspection system and measurement, transportation and automatic control systems for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products; environmental protection and multi-purpose utilization; cullet recycling system for flat and container glass industries

III Equipment for Processing Glass
Various pre-processing machines for flat/bending glass including cutting, grinding, beveling, polishing, drilling, engraving, washing/drying and auxiliary facilities and related tools; safe glass deep processing machines and system including tempering, laminating, decorating, coating, insulating, mirror-making, sand-blasting and processing of doors and windows.

Ⅳ Special glass and Process Equipment
TV glass; STN, TFT and PDP ultra thin glass substrate and their precision cutting and beveling machines; low-E coated glass and its online coating machine; Pattern glass and wired glass and rolling machine with a wired feeder; self-cleaning glass, antibacterial glass, fire-retartant glass and related processing machines and technology

ⅤRefractories, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials
Various high-grade refractories for flat, container and fiber glasses industries; various grinding, polishing, bounding, sealing, drying and coating materials; screen-printing material, paint, polymer, PVB film; metals and precious metals, etc

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