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International Pipeline Exhibition

Date: Mar 31-Apr 2, 2010
Venue: Langfang. China International Pipeline Conference & Exhibition Center

International Pipeline Conference & Exhibitions Co.,Ltd

Exhibit Profile:
Pipeline steels, steel tube, GRP, rubber and PE\PVC\CPVE tube.
Pipeline construction equipment and special pipeline equipment.
Pipeline detection instrument, leak hunting instrument, pipeline cleanout equipment.
Pipeline welding equipment and material
Pipeline communication equipment and information management system.
Pipeline pump, valve, measure instrument and other instrument.
Oil & gas storage equipment and technology.
Pipeline anticorrosion, heat preservation material, fireproof material, technology.
Benthal pipeline equipment and other take-over equipment, LNG take-over equipment, LNG transportation equipment and material.
Transport pipelines, the distribution of regions and locations for products of gas, oil, water as well as other product lines .
Hereby planning, construction, operation, and servicing for offshore/onshore are to be considered .