Industrial Enterprises

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Item Code Title
Name List of Industrial Enterprises XHX-0508068 Agriculture
XHX-0508069 Textile Industry
XHX-0508070 Forestry Industry
XHX-0508071 Timber Processing,Bamboo,Cane,Palm Fiber & Straw Products Industries
XHX-0508072 Animal Husbandry Industry
XHX-0508073 Plastic Products Industry
XHX-0508074 Electrical Apparatus and Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508075 Communication Equipment, Calculators and Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508076 Fishing Industry
XHX-0508077 Name List of Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Fishing and Service Industry
XHX-0508078 Coal Mining and Washing Industry
XHX-0508079 Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploitation Industry
XHX-0508080 Ferrous Metal l Mine Processing Industry
XHX-0508081 Non-ferrous Metal Mine Processing Industry
XHX-0508082 Non-Metal Mine Processing Industry
XHX-0508083 Farm food and Non-Staple Food Processing Industry
XHX-0508084 Food Manufacturing
XHX-0508085 Beverage Manufacturing
XHX-0508086 Tobacco Products Industry
XHX-0508087 Textile, Clothing, Shoes and Hats Manufacturing
XHX-0508088 National Institution
XHX-0508089 Aviation Transportation Industry
XHX-0508090 Smelting and Pressing of Ferrous Metals
XHX-0508091 Chemical Fiber Manufacturing
XHX-0508092 Raw Chemical Materials and Chemical Products Manufacturing
XHX-0508093 Environment Supervision Industry
XHX-0508094 Mass Organization of Self-management
XHX-0508095 Computer Service Industry
XHX-0508096 Furniture Manufacturing
XHX-0508097 Architechture and Installation Industry
XHX-0508098 Architechture and Decoration Industry
XHX-0508099 Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508100 Education
XHX-0508101 Metal Products Industry
XHX-0508102 Resident Service Industry
XHX-0508103 Technology Exchange and Extention Service Industry
XHX-0508104 Retail Industry
XHX-0508105 Wholesale Industry
XHX-0508106 Leather, Furs, Down Manufacturing
XHX-0508107 Other Finance Activities
XHX-0508108 Other Service Industry
XHX-0508109 Other Industries
XHX-0508110 Mass Groups, Social Associations and Religion Organizations
XHX-0508111 Gas Producing and Supplying Industry
XHX-0508112 Software Industry
XHX-0508113 Commercial Service Industry
XHX-0508114 Social Insurance Industry
XHX-0508115 Social Welfare Industry
XHX-0508116 Petroleum Processing, Coking and Nuclear Fuels Processing Industry
XHX-0508117 Water Producing and Supplying Industry
XHX-0508118 Water Conservation Managing Industry
XHX-0508119 Waterage Industry
XHX-0508120 Sports Industry
XHX-0508121 Railage Industry
XHX-0508122 General Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508123 Sanitation
XHX-0508124 Culture and Art Industry
XHX-0508125 Cultural Education and Sports Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508126 Rubber Manufacturing
XHX-0508127 News Publishing Industry
XHX-0508128 Animal Husbandry Industry
XHX-0508129 Research and Test Development Industry
XHX-0508130 Medicine Manufacturing
XHX-0508131 Apparatus, Meters and Culture, Office Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508132 Banking Industry
XHX-0508133 Pringting Industry and Copy of Recording Media
XHX-0508134 Post Industry
XHX-0508135 Entertainment Industry
XHX-0508136 Paper Making and Paper Products Industry
XHX-0508137 Securities Industry
XHX-0508138 China Communist Party Departments
XHX-0508139 Accommodation Industry
XHX-0508140 Professional Technology Service Industry
XHX-0508141 Special Equipment Manufacturing
XHX-0508142 Loading and Unloading Carrying and Other Transportation Service Industry
XHX-0508143 Leasing Industry

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