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2005-06-03 Mr. Eric Wong, the CEO of BTC Consultant Co. Ltd., is appointed as the Economic Development Consultant by Gulou District of Nanjing City.

Gulou District is central part of Nanjing which is located in the west north of middle downtown. Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, Jiangsu Provincial Government and Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Military Area Command are in Gulou District. Covering a surface area of 25.44 k㎡ with a population of 656 million. Gulou is in the monsoon climate area of north subtropical zone, with clearly divided four seasons. The abundant historical relics, in harmony with the elegant and graceful mountain, water, city and forest, constitute the distinctive and profound historical humanity.Gulou is continuously reinforcing the development of market, meanwhile, cultivating and maintaining a good environment for the circulation of business and trading. Integrating the shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment as a whole, the Hunan Road Commercial Street has been the only one that has been crowned as the national model street of no fake commodities and the national model street of civilized activities. To further enlarge the social and economic effect brought by the circle, a second initiation is being committed on the Hunan Road by the District, as Longjiang plot and Shanxi Road plot.Gulou speeds up the construction of modern service industry, the competitive ability and the influence unceasingly promotes the tertiary industry. We have Bestbuy, Bosch,Siemens, Warner,Li&Fung many famous worldwide enterprises. We also have the headquarter economy like Suning Group, Suning Universal, Jiangsu Power, Jiangsu Publication,Jiangsu branch of CNPC.As the carrier of headquarters economy, Gulou has undertaken the technical innovation and market organization in the regional economy development. We have introduced local headquarters, the agent and so on. These enterprises become the important support of the headquarters economy.Welcome to invest in Gulou district!?

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