Xinatao city used to be Mianyang County. In year 1986, Mianyang County was reformed into a city, and in 1994, the city became a municipality. Xiantao covers 2538 square meters in total with a population of about 500,000 people. The coverage of the living area is 360,000 square kilometers. There are 360,000 people living in the city zone. 

Xiantao is famous with the reputes of "Land of fish and grain" and "Town of gymnastics" The 4 great world champions: Lixiaoshuang, Lidashuang, Yangwei and Zhenglihui make Xiantao distinguished in the world as a "Town of gymnastics in China".BTC XT2

On 24, July, 2005, the Liukou model area, Xiantao Industrial Garden in Hubei province assigned chairman of BTC Consultant Co., Ltd. Eric Wong as their investment promotion consultant, in order to push the development of the local economy.

Brief Introduction of Xiantao
Xiantao Investment Environmert

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