2005-08-10 with the purpose of developing local economy, the investment promotion bureau of Rugao city, Jiangsu signed agreement with BTC as their investment promotion representative to introduce both domestic and foreign investment.c0a80012 3243 f21e

Rugao City, Located in the Shanghai Economic Zone, with Yellow Sea to the east and Yangtze River on the south, is one of the historic, tour and port cities of China. This is a city with a population of 1,450,000, covering 1,477 square kilometers and consisting of 20 towns and two development zones; This is a city with plentiful agricultural resources, complete range of industrial categories, profound humanity and excellent investment environment; The airports, ports, railways and highways criss-cross the whole city, providing convenient communications. She is also the land of flowers and trees, The land of architecture and the land of longevity; she is one of the China Star Cities and has been awarded one of the China's 100 most advanced cities in comprehensive strength.












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