Eric S. S. Wong Endorsements

Eric is, first and foremost, a visionary builder of business enterprises. He achieves his many successes through his uncanny ability in identifying unique business opportunities and his decisiveness and innovative approaches to capitalize these opportunities. Eric is extremely resourceful and is able to overcome obstacles by applying his excellent problem-solving skills and extensive network of contact he has built around the globe. He has developed a keen sense of what need to be done and uses his exceptional leadership and drive to make it happened.
Dr. Sammuel Wong
Managing Director, CSW Associates Inc.
Ex. Director, Pfizer Inc.

I've been traveling in South-East Asia for almost 20 years now and I have met lots of interesting people. Eric Wong without any doubt is the most interesting person I have ever met. His driven personality with a great sense of humor, his unconditioned interest in any person that crosses his path and his openness towards every business opportunity, make him unique. Eric relies on people rather than systems; he is a superb manager of people. He certainly is an autodidact and he knows as much of European history as he knows of the China history. He deeply respects his "home land" China and he's been able to acquire the best of connections at various levels, from a small town secretary up to the central government. Eric knows how to build bridges between the East and the West.
Mr. Ronald J. Hendriksen
Founder –Owner of East West Trading and Consultancy
East West Packaging
East West Pharma (Netherlands)

Over a wide range of product and market opportunities, Eric has demonstrated his innovative high energy approach to international business. He has built a successful business around talented creative people. Eric is a uniquely valuable business partner due to his knowledge of Chinese markets combined with his global personal relationships. Personally, it is very enjoyable doing business with Eric, because of his broad personal interests and experiences.
Dr. Darrell Wilk
President of WW Business Net  

Ex-director of Sales for ITT Electronic Components 

Our Company Lapis Lazuli International NV of The Netherlands has had the opportunity of acquainting Mr. Eric S.S. Wong since some years and these years have been a super-positive revelation of sorts. The gentleman in fact has been a real asset to our endeavors to enter the South East Asian markets for our medical device products. Not only could we make fruitful use of his vast, enterprising and genuine network of responsible persons but we also have been given the opportunity of acquiring appreciable insight into the dynamics of social interaction and business creativities in that extremely important part of the world. Mr. Wong is a good person in all aspects and he is keen to part his knowledge and expertise with others; we enjoy his positive attitude to all aspects of life and we are sure that many others would have the same kind of joy and gratitude if they ever came to know this gentleman. We continue to be grateful to be associated with him and we hope very much that our relationship will endure any commercial hardship and/or head wind.
Mr. Ray Muller, sr.
Chairman, Lapis Lazuli International NV

Eric is a visionary international business leader. He has uncanny ability in identifying and capitalizes on unique business opportunities. Eric is extremely resourceful, has excellent problem-solving skills and an extensive network of contact around the globe. He has developed a keen sense of what needs to be done and uses his exceptional leadership and drive to make it happened. I enjoy working with Eric, he delivers results and I would recommend him to others.
Mr. Jonathan C. Miller
Chairman of Fytns Group

Mr. Eric Wong is a gentleman with many capabilities and always at work. He has a great sense for business opportunity as well as a very solid and extensive, both national and international, network. This, together with his excellent communication skills, has enabled him to successfully build and manage various businesses as well as help others do the same After studying a given intricate situation thoroughly and in-depth, he will approach it with full dedication. If it makes sense and is feasible, he is very involved and will strive to make it happen under any circumstance. His “common knowledge” is extremely well developed and even though being a team player he can very well work and accomplish a given task alone. I have come to know Eric as a very trustful and reliable business partner and am proud to consider him a sincere and valuable friend.
Mr. Patrick Muller, MBA
President/CEO, Lapis Lazuli Int'l (USA) LLC 

Looking for concrete solutions in China means involving knowledge of the market and reliability in the research of opportunities. Eric Wong is a clear synthesis of knowledge about Chinese market and reliability in professional approach and in strategic networking. These features are concretely mixed with sharp vision in the business and with an extraordinary capability to gather different technical competencies from experts in order to achieve a business purpose.
Mr. Raimondo Gissara
Executive Director & Partner, Italian Food & Lifestyle Co., Ltd.

Having had the pleasure of working with Mr. Eric S. S. Wong,I can only say he is an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs and investors who are interested to establish in the Chinese market. Not only he enjoys unique political contacts within the region, but his network of trusted contacts within most sectors of Chinese private industry is truly remarkable. Mr. Eric S. S. Wong has been particularly effective and trustworthy in all business transactions in which we have operated together. I highly recommend his services.
Mr. Giacomo James Beretta
Senior Associate, Italian independent Lega Colucci Morri &
Associate (LCM) Beijing and Shanghai Office

Though my over 35 years knowledge of Eric Wong since primary school, I am always impressed by his energetic lifestyle and positive attitude. He is active and excellent in all aspects and in eternal exploration for novelty and challenge in life. He is a trustworthy friend who always helps when needed. Therefore, I am not surprised at all at his achievement today and I believe his career will be even more prosperous with his unique insight, diversified experiences and persistence.
Jp. George Lung
Committee Member, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Committee Member, Board of Governors of Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Chairman, Hong Kong Guangdong Youth Exchange Promotion Association  

Mr. Eric Wong is a tireless businessman, focused, well versed, and clear on so many of the subtle aspects of important global business issues. Eric is the classic example of free entrepreneurship. I had the pleasure of working with Eric at Titanium Group Ltd (NASAQ BB:TTUNF) and got to know his strong presence of mind and determined attitude in issues related to diversity and diversity advocacy, while showing himself to be a very valuable team player.
Dr. Johnny Ng
Chairman, Titanium Group LTD  
President, Innovation and Technology Association
Committee Member, All-China Youth Federation
Committee Member, China Zhongshan Municipal People's Political Consultative Committee
Standing Committee Member, The Chinese Association of Young Scientists And Technologists

Throughout my years of meeting with different people through teaching, traveling, conferencing and social activities, I've found Eric to be among the most versatile, talented consultants with far-sighted international vision and a global mindset. His knowledge, thorough understanding of international businesses and marvelous experience is of extreme value to every investor who wishes to explore and capture business opportunities in China - one could easily find him to be an exceptional partner in integrating various culture, business customs and practices into opportunities and he should be recommended for investors with no reservation.
Dr. Albert Yu
CEO of Hai Kang Life

Conducting business in China, you need to have in-depth knowledge of her unique business environment, up-to-date and timely business, financial, legal and government information, profound understanding of the Chinese culture, well-balanced connection with Chinese business elites and officials. But all these are only the hardware. The most important software for doing business successfully in China is your vision to her future and your common sense. Not many businessmen in China possess a full set of these gears and apply them well, but Eric Wong is an exception.
Mr. Billy B Ray Tam
Professional Lawyer
The founder partner of Ho & Tam solicitor firm

I have known Eric Wong well over 20 years, starting when we both competed in judo. He was a good judo athlete and is a terrific sportsman in life with his boundless energy and strong sense of team play. I witnessed his seamless switching from sports to business and he has been extremely successful in both. Through our long standing friendship, I have come to know that he will never let you down under any circumstances.
Mr. Shing Yuen Hing, Henry
Appointed councilor, Yau Tsim Mong District Council
District Councilor

I have been working with Eric for few years and I would like to comments about his service as follow.
- Well experienced of industries and markets.
- Bring the right targets and follow up until the project will meet the goal.
He could help me to develop potential sales distribution of our products from US and also he helps for sourcing right partners for some of our products since we need to find the right candidate urgently.
From my experiences working with Eric, I strongly recommend to use his service for those who have been looking for the right partner in China market.
Best regards,

Mr. Toyo Murohashi
Asian Marketing Manager
Cobra Electronics HK limited

After having set up our factory in China and exporting our products to Europe and the US we wanted to open up to the Chinese market. Eric guided us while approaching this market in which we are now growing rapidly. His experience and extensive business network did not only help us set foot on Chinese market but also allowed us to expand our sales business to several other countries in this region. Therefore I would not only recommend Eric's services to companies whom are looking for starting businesses in China, but also to companies who are aiming for other Asian countries. By meeting Eric we did not only gain an excellent business partner but also a great friend.
Rogier Tjeenk Willink
Managing Director, Instore Kids Corners Productions

I had the opportunity to meet Eric in Shanghai and I was very impress by his high level of commitment to the industry and his broad knowledge. His devotion to develop the opportunities between China and Overseas concept has allow him to became a reference point to all international person that work in this field.
As the Director of International Relations in China I was very glad to work with him.
Melody Sheung
Director of International Relations Division, Zhejiang Industrial Cooperative

Eric is a keen manager, organizer and motivator with a very broad knowledge spectrum. His experience in the business marketplace is vast as well as his contacts. He is a loyal and hard working individual and he can always be reached for help and advise. Eric is also someone who can link decision makers, both within government and in the business arena. I sincerely would like to recommend Mr. Eric S. S. Wong.
Patrick Muller, President / CEO, Lapis Lazuli International NV
managed Eric S. S. indirectly at Lapis Lazuli (Asia) Eye Care Products Ltd.

I had the opportunity to work with Eric at Lapis Lazuli. His broad knowledge and enthusiasm was for me very inspirational. I was impressed by his determent way of doing business and his wide network. I would introduce Eric to companies who are looking for a reliable business partner in China.
Jan den Hartogh, Marketing Manager / Designer, Lapis lazuli International NV
worked directly with Eric S. S. at BTC Consultant Co., Ltd.

Eric is a great "connector" in China. He knows who to talk to and what needs to be done when implementing a business strategy or seeking for a Chinese supplier or partner. He has a multifaceted organization and experience able of addressing multiple issues and needs successfully. I recommend Mr. Wong.
Giacomo Beretta
Business Development Manager at ELVI GROUP

I known Eric for over 20 years through community services. Eric is a responsible person and once he promised he will try his best to make it happens. We respect his down-to-earth attitudes to do business and he is also a trustworthy person who is reliable for us. Among all of my friends, Eric has the most vast social network and that make his businesses involved in various areas.
- Deputy Director of Expert Committee, Government Economics Research Center, National Academy of Governance

- Vice President of SABI University
- Distinguished Professor of California State University Monerey Bay (CSUMB iiED)

Mr. Eric Wong’s impression:
- as a friend, he is a trustworthy and loyal friend;
- as an overseas Chinese leader, he is a lover of the motherland, and has an outstanding leadership;
- as a business elite, he possesses far-sighted insight and control over the sustainable development of his career;
- as a scholar, he has a wide range of knowledge, and he is never complacent, and constantly learns new knowledge; public figures, he is caring, enthusiastic about public welfare and set an example...
Congratulations to him for making great progress in all respects!

Dr. Weihua Lu, chairperson of the Belgium Artists Association and vice-chairperson of the World Association of Chinese entrepreneurs.

Mr. Eric Wong is a visionary, responsible, caring and sincere leader of the international Chinese community, he is also an outstanding person with international vision, foresight, courage, strong judgement and understanding of business opportunities. More importantly, he loves his country and has sponsored many public welfare activities out of his own pocket, to take the lead in organizing donations for the construction and disaster situation in the poor areas of the motherland, especially in initiating and organizing the "Red Tourism Patriotism Education" campaign in which Hong Kong young people and children go on study tours to various parts of the mainland, to make great contributions to the “love motherland and love Hong Kong” of the next generation of Hong Kong people. In the course of the new era, I sincerely wish him to create more resplendence and make greater contributions to the motherland.
Hau Hang Mui, chairperson of the Belgium World Cultural and Art Exchange Center and, the Belgium calligrapher Association

This message comes to you as a strong recommendation for Eric S. S. Wong to be your next Business Partner. Eric and I started our partnership several years ago. Together, we built up strong networks in Hong Kong and China.
I found Eric to be the most reliable business partner I have ever had. Eric was always interested in discussing ways to solve company problems and innovations to advance profits. Eric is a brilliant business planner who excels at bridging your businesses with China.

Dr. Raymond Chan
- Executive Director, Finsoft Financial Investment Holdings Limited (8018.HK) - Chairman, Draco Holdings Limited
- Chief Consultant in Hong Kong, Haining Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, China
- Founding President, United Industrial & Commercial Association of Chinese
- Honorary President, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Professional Management Association Limited
- Chairman, Hong Kong Myanmar Commerce Federation
- President, Hong Kong Huaxia Business Association

Eric Wong is my good friend for many years. He is kind hearted, with massive network, knowledgeable and vigorous, specializes in international and domestic trade; and he is extremely strong in resource integration. Eric is passionate about philanthropy, is willing to help others and cares about the growth of young people. For many years, he has been committed to youth exchange between the young people in Hong Kong and mainland China. He enjoys untiring social responsibility, positive and optimistic attitude towards life, honest and stable style of doing things, and hardworking spirit. He is a friend I admire and trust!
Mr. Zheng Kai Ping
Chairman of Excellence International Holdings (HK) Ltd.
Member of China Overseas Friendship Association
Vice President of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
Commissioner of CPPCC Shenzhen Municipal Committee

I have been running my businesses among for more than half a century, Eric is really a trustworthy person that I met. We have built up a brotherhood relationship with each other. He is the only one who I can trust hundred percent. I can highly recommend him to anyone!
Antonio Marie Hung
Chairman of Macau ExtremoOriente Group
Chairman of Portugal Industry & Commerce products Exhibition Centre HK Branch
Special Advisor to the PrimeMinister Xanana Gusmao of Timor Lestefor Economic DevelopmentAffair

I have been cooperating with Eric for over decade and always impressed by his enthusiasm, openness and straight forwarding with innovative approach in conducting his numerous business adventures. You can’t be successful in your business in China or Hong Kong without the proper connections and Eric is your gate opener with his priceless network of highly professional and influential people.
I can’t thank enough Eric for his mindful business advices and willingness to help his partners and friends.
By meeting Eric you will find an excellent and reliable business partner and wise advisor.

Igor Sizykh- Executive Director, MST GROUP LTD

I have been working with China for many years and I want to note that there are not so many honest and hardworking businessmen like Eric Wong. Eric is a well-connected government guide to the world of big business. I would also like to note the large number of exclusive projects that Mr. Wong presented to us. My team and I are very glad to meet and cooperate with Eric Wong's company.
This is my strong recommendation.

Eugene Karapuzov
CEO G-Company Group LTD., Ukraine

I know Eric for quite some time by now. Our company tried to find reliable partner and efficient business channel in China and HK. And one of our partner recommended Eric. We had several mutual projects where our company (and I personally) could realize all benefits to work with so high professional as Eric. He could solve some complicated business issues and we successfully overcome bottleneck which we had in some of our projects. Also I may emphasize about sincerity of Eric, intention to support any time any days in a week and easy to cooperate as human to human which is very important in any business.
This is my strong recommendation.
Dr. Ivan Lifanov
Director for Foreign Economic Affairs, MMI Korea (South Korea)

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