Origin Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54


The price shall be determined by reference to the average of the three (3) days around the Bill of lading date (the day before, the day of Bill of Lading and the day after).

Rates to be referred to the average quotation as reported by PLATT'S Oil Gram Price Report, Product Price assessments. Cargoes GIF MED. Basis Genoa / Lavera Europe Market's can wire publication with the heading Cargoes C\LF\MED Genoa / Lavera ± against Jet Fuel Oil JP1A (GP 54)

The price shall be C.I.F Gross discount USD 1.00 per Barrel.

NOTE: Discount at USD 3.00 net .00=USD 2.00 discount to the Buyer and USD 1.00 is the commission 0.50 to sell side and 0.50 to buy side intermediates.

The price referred to throughout the agreement to be paid in United States Dollars.


For the full duration of the Agreement, the Seller guarantees that the quality of the product sold will conform to the guaranteed specifications as reported on Annex No. 1 which constitutes an integral part of this Agreement.

This specified quantity is equivalent to 10.000.000 barrels monthly supply to be repeated for 60 (sixty) consecutive calendar months as referred to in Clause 4. The first lifting to consists of 10.000.000 bbl for the first month and followed by 10.000.000 bbl for each subsequent 59 months.


Russian Origin Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54


Antioxidant in hydro processed fuel mg/1 min max 24 Antioxidant non hydro processed fuel mg/1Max 24 Static dissipater first doping ASA-3mg/1Max 1 Stadis 450 mg/1Max 3


Specific energy, net mj/Kg min 18.4 D4808 Smoke point mm min f 9Df 322 Luminomitter number min 45D1740 Naphtalenes %vol Max 3Df 840



Total Acidity mg KOH/g Max 0.0 f 354 D3242

Aromatics % vol Max 22.0 158 D1318

Sulphur, Total % mass Max 0.30 f 07 Df 266/2622

Sulphur, Mercaptan % mass Max 0.003 342 D3227

Doctor, Test 30 D4952


Initial Boiling Point Centigrade Max Report 123 D96

10% vol at C 240

20% vol at C report

50% vol at C report

89% vol at C report

End point Centigrade Max 300

Recovered ridicules % vol, Max f.5

Loss % vol Max .5

Flesh Point Centigrade Max 42 f 70/303 D56/3828

Density at f 5 C Kg/m2 mm/max 776/840 180/385 D1298


Freezing Point Centigrade Max 40 f 5 D2256


Corrosion, copper (2hrs at 100C) Max 1f54D 130 Corrosion, Silver (4hrs at 50C) max 1 227


Thermal stability control, Temp. 280C 323 Filter pressure, differential mm. Hg Max 25 Tube deposit rating (visual) Max <3


Existent Gum mg/100 ml Max 7 131 D361 Water reacoin, interface rating max 16258D1084 Fuel with static dissipater additives min 75 D3648 Fuel without static dissipater additive min 85


Electrical conductivity p3/m Report


Seller issues contract to be signed by both parties

Once the contract is agreed by both parties, Seller within three banking days issues Pre-Advice Letter of Credit to Seller's Bank.

Seller will issue a 2% Performance Bond together with Proof Of Product (POP) to the Buyer within three banking Days from the receipt of Pre-Advice.

After the verification of the Performance Bond Guarantee and the POP by the Buyer's Bank, The Buyer will issue Operative Letter of Credit to the seller's Bank and notifies the seller the port of shipments.

After the verification of the letter of credit the seller will issued NOR together signed copies of Charter Party Agreement to the Buyer.

Shipments begins with the buyer constantly notifying the seller his Ports of shipments thirty days before the next Shipment.

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